So I asked on Instagram for random questions so I could pick some and answer them in a video. I under-estimated how many questions I would get.. you are all so nosy lol. I thought I would get 100, however I received more than 400! I want to answer as many questions as possible so as well as a video, I thought I would answer a few on here.

Q (Lana_banana4) If you had to choose to eat one item of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A – CHIPS! I freakinnnnnnnnnnngggggg love them. Or crusty bread, or pizza.. Ok I can’t decide.

Q (beyzaxnk) Do you believe in ghosts or spirits, please answer?
A – Yes. my house has many spirits.

Q (Kaayyt) What is your favourite animal and why?
A – A dolphin. They just seem so gentle & free.

Q (Gianxt_) What inspires you to keep on making Youtube videos?

A – Because I know some people watch me to take away some sort of pain they feel. If I can help someone for even 5 minutes, then I will.

Q (Nadyqueen) Is it hard to always eat healthy?

A – I struggle some days like everyone else, especially when its the time of the month.

Q (Kemerjessie) Which Kardashian would you consider yourself to be like the most?

A – 100% Khloe. She doesn’t shy away from her insecurities – she openly speaks about them. She is also so real and down to earth. She has so much personality.

Q (Beautyymua) Who has been the most inspiring or influential person in your life?

A – Demi Lovato. She gave me the strength to tell my own story.

Q (privateprof) Fave song at the moment?
A – August Alsina’s ENTIRE ALBUM!!!!!!

Q (asiawillyums) What’s your nationality?
A – I am West Indian, Greek & White British – I also have some Dutch in there too.

Q (Mykasmilesbigg) How old were you when you lost your virginity?

A – 15!

Q (Annabellaneil) Who are your top 2 style icons at the moment?

A – Nobody in particular. I take inspiration from your average girl on the street. A girl I can relate too is always inspiring & not just because of style.


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