Throughout the blogosphere I quite often come across tweets along the lines of 'we need to support everyone' or 'wheres the unity guys, lets all stick together', which I completely get and understand. Last year I felt super let down and a little annoyed about the lack of support in the blogging community - you can read my post about it here. I had achieved something that I was super proud of, but many of my fellow bloggers appeared not to give two fucks.

Although I stand by what I said in that post & the whole 'you cant sit with us vibe' is still very much there (probs a lot worse now), my thoughts on the subject have changed, just a tad anyway.

Maybe its life experience or growing more wise but I've come to realise that trying to support everyone is draining and a little bit fake.

Blogging is full of a large bunch of females, or young girls who are all trying (Im assuming slightly here) to become business women in their own right. Trying to grow their followers, trying to get a poppin' Instagram theme & trying to build a brand etc etc (the list goes on)..

So who the hell has the time to support everyone we come across? I certainly don't. 

Of course, support the industry as much as you can. Shoot down shitty papers like The Sun for their awful articles on bloggers & tell Cosmo to SIT DOWN when they publish shitty pieces on how much we all earn, but we don't need to support every blogger, just the ones we actually like, obvs.

I think a lot of bloggers have their backs up at the moment because of all the 'negative' posts that are constantly being published by other bloggers. I know its not nice to be the butt of someones post, or the reason for a Twitter war to be declared, however, like with any job, not everyone will agree with what you have to say or in fact, even like you. Hey babes.. thats life.

I try to give credit where credit is due because its important to me to acknowledge when someone is killing it & its nice to spread positivity. I love when people tweet me to say 'Hey, I really like what you're doing', but I don't expect every Sarah, Sally & Suzie to favourite every post and like every Instagram pic. 

It doesn't make someone a bad person if they don't support you, maybe they simply can't relate to you, maybe they don't like the layout of your blog (kind of a stupid reason but a reason nonetheless) and maybe they disagree with some of the things you say?

I know what you're thinking 'BUT GRACE, SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST JEALOUS AND THATS WHY THEY DONT SUPPORT HER', which I'm not dismissing. Blogging is a female lead industry so jealousy is bound to happen, but we can't be naive here..

Yes, girl power is extremely important and when the going gets tough its important to back your people up, but in all honesty, not everyone is your 'people'. Not everyone is a part of your squad and thats just the way it is. Sometimes the people preaching 'we need to support everyone' are the same people who don't appear to be supporting everyone. Do you know what I mean?

Personally, I support people who go about their business making content they're proud of. Who aren't ashamed to have an opinion but equally respect other peoples too. Its the real world and not everything is glossy, sweet & wonderful all the time (contrary to blogger cliche beliefs lols)

I don't want this post to come across as 'Hey I'm Grace the Negative Nancy', but I just wanted to flip the script and be a bit of an adult about it all. Maybe spout some food for thought as I've been wanting to write this post for a while.

All in all, you're not a bad person for disagreeing with another blogger. You're not negative for sharing your opinion that makes another blogger feel inferior. Basically, you're not a bitch for not supporting everyone..



  1. Yes Grace! I try to support people in every way that I can, but equally I'm a grown woman who lives in the real world and I don't expect the world to be all sunshine and rainbows. Life is full of different experiences and different opinions; that's ok. I'm so over people preaching that we should all be supporting eachother indefinitely because we have one thing in common. Life would be incredibly boring if we were the same person with the same views, passions and interests - I find it patronising and offensive that some voices are essentially telling people to pipe down and that their insights 'don't have a place'. Blogging is about having a voice and some people simply don't like it it that voice isn't theirs.

  2. Such a fab post Grace, I'm by no means a big blogger, but working within social media and knowing a fair bit about it really makes me question the reality of it all. I hate how sugar coated things can be. At the end of the day every single person started with that one blog post, so regardless of whether someone has a difference in opinion, respect for those starting out or giving something their best shot shouldn't ever really go away x

    Jodie | jodiemelissa.com

    1. Thank you. Im glad you see where I'm coming from x

  3. I totally get the point of this post and the message you’re trying to get across, but I can’t help but find it a little hypocritical of you Grace. You are notorious for deleting comments that you find ‘negative’ from your YouTube channel, Instagram and as we all know, the Tweets you posted dragging Asia a few months back.

    You say it’s okay to dislike a blogger for their style, the way their blog looks or for not agreeing with what they say / do. Does that only apply if you are a blogger, too? I recall you complaining about being ‘treated like shit’ at SiTC recently, but whose to say those other bloggers looking at you strangely or ignoring you just dislike you for the reasons you’ve excused above?

    1. Calling me ugly and stuff like that is completely different to being negative. Theres always negative stuff on my videos that I leave unless people start having a huge argument and it gets out of hand. However, I'm allowed to delete comments because its my channel - but thats not what I'm talking though?

      I dragged Asia because she stole my clothes - I'm not sure what that has to do with this post?

      Like I said, you can dislike someone but you can also respect them. I haven't gone into detail about what happened at SITC but if you want to clue yourself up on it, view Vix's new post. Vixmeldrew.com

  4. I agree! This isn't like kindergarten where we all have to be friends. It's the real world where we have different opinions and views. We can disagree and still have mutual respect. On the support issue, support those you resonate with and like. Simples! It's so important to have your own tribe. Great post Grace! X


  5. It's not realistic to be able to support everyone, we're all so different xx

  6. I feel relieved that I'm not the only person that feels like this, I don't always support the blogs that most people apparently do and I feel bad for it. It's such a big community and it's ok to not like people, we should stop presuming we should!

    Emmie | www.carpediememmie.co.uk

  7. Great post and so very true.
    Life, real life, is definitely not rainbows and sadly, people that try and paint that picture are just deluding themselves.
    I think supporting each other in this business, can be as little, as much and as often or not as you will. I like to think I'm supporting others by posting comments and or maybe just giving a page view. Though some days/weeks, I may have time and tweet people and say I loved this post or them..
    It is definitely OK to not like everyone and it is definitely not jealousy that people may not like another. It really rattles my cage when someone says that, as it's just not the case all the time.


  8. Yes, Grace! I will always say congratulations or give love to someone who I feel is killing it or has achieved something amazing. But nobody has the time to sit and support everyone and you're not going to agree with what everyone says/does!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

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  11. Another great post. You're right, you don't have to support everybody in the bloggersphere. If you don't enjoy their content then there's no need to pretend. Conflict isn't needed either. Just do your own thing and let them do theirs. Being respectful is key. Fully agree with you Gracie! X



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