The Highlight Of My Life..

If there's such a thing as 'highlight whore', then you're looking right at her.

Its pretty much up there with contouring, which we know, has been my jam for the last few years. 

I like the idea of creating shadow and light which in turn makes my chubby cheeks look less chubby and although I love em', I am kinda over the whole looking like a 12 year old thing.

When it comes to trying out highlighters, I'm all for it. High end or high street, liquid or powder. I honestly don't mind owning 12 of the same shade because in my opinion THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS OWNING TOO MANY HIGHLIGHTERS.

With my skin tone I gravitate towards more gold/yellow toned highlighters, rather than the cool icy tones. Although I can pretty much wear any (bless my mixed race skin), I just feel more sassy and comfortable with a highlight that resembles the sun. Gimme dat glow.

I dabble in and out of Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, MAC Gold Deposit & my favourite, the reason behind this post, Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champaign Pop.

Nothing beats this highlight! I literally love it. If I could bathe in it I would, seriously.

With a light dusting for an everyday minimal glow or applied with a wet brush for a more 'I AM SHINING LIKE THE DAMN MOON' glow, its honestly one of the best (if not the best) highlights on the market right now.

I reach for this most days and its especially my go to, if my skin looks a little sallow and tired. 

I know some people find this highlight a little too much, but personally for me, its just enough. Slightly shimmery but definitely not glittery. Smooth to apply & even smoother to touch. It sits on my skin beautifully and when the light hits it, you appear lit from within.

I cannot praise this illuminator enough. Jaclyn Hill will go down in makeup history for creating such a fabulous product. Woo, #teaminternet

You can pick up Becca X Jaclyn Hull Champaign Pop on Cult Beauty for £32.



  1. beautiful highlighter indeed! The one that suits my skin the most is soft and gentle by mac :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. I have a highlighter wish list the length of my arm! xx

  3. looks so amazing on you!!

  4. My love for highlighters is just insane, who doesn't want to glow especially during these summer months :p xx


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