Hello, hi, its me. It feels like FOREVER (because it has been) since I last posted. I guess I'll save my 'reasons as to why I've sort of disappeared off the face of the earth' post, so for now, heres some #BecauseSummer outfits in collaboration with Malibu and Missguided.

This summer I'm working on lots of exciting things, one of them being Malibu's #BecauseSummer campaign. Over the next few months you'll be seeing different forms of content from me, mainly on Instagram and Youtube thats all about celebrating summer & having fun. If you've been with me from the beginning, or joined me a few months ago, you will know I'm all about happiness and celebrating life so being involved in this campaign is perfect for me.

Now for the best part. In July myself and a few other bloggers are jetting off to Ibiza for a pool party & other shenanigans and guess what? YOU (yes you reading) and a friend can join us too!!!! You can also win a bunch of Missguided goodies so whats not to love? Free clothes and a free holiday - every girls dream lol.

To enter, post your best summer looks on Instagram and tag them to @Maliburumuk @Missguided #BecauseSummer

T&C's apply and can be viewed here.

This post is sponsored by Malibu UK.



  1. oooh I wanna participate in this! would not mind a free holiday at all haha
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Beautiful


  3. Love that black dress it looks amazing on you!

  4. I would so participate!

    ps you look amazing babe!


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