So I'm just gonna say it, I am quite possibly obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills, its simple, they are my favourite brand and I'm okay with that. I own quite a few of their products & I love them all. I am yet to be left disappointed and their imagery on Instagram alone is enough to make me want to paint my face, run around naked and scream 'IM SEXY'. Makeup for me adds extra confidence but its also fun. It is art after all and my face is my canvas.

My amazing friend Mary got me the Self-Made Palette for my birthday and I literally died when I opened it. Its so pretty and the colours are so wearable. I've been playing around with it most days for the last few months so I took it upon myself to take some self made selfies (see what I did there)?

Mixing the browns and peachy shades is my go-to look for filming videos, taking blog photos or going off to meetings. Its pretty, subtle-ly sexy and so easy to wear. Pairing it with a pinky/nude lip ties it all in together, especially for a day to day look. 

Have you tried any Anastasia Beverly Hills products yet? Im really into their World Traveler Palette as well as their Brow Wiz!

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  1. I now refuse to buy any other eye brow products other than ABH! Their Brow Wiz and DipBrow are both so good - I can't wait to try their palettes!

    The Beauty Locker

  2. I treated myself to the Dipbrow Pomade but bought it in a shade too dark. D'oh :( I really want their contour palette X


  3. i love ABH too! I dont have much, really wanna try their lippies next :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Unfortunately I haven't actually tried any of their products but from what I have heard they seem to be the best around, really love the make up, it's perfect x

    Millie x

  5. beautiful photo's Gracie!

  6. I love Anastasia products! I also recently got the Self Made palette and its gorgeous - love the look you've created here :) x

  7. Wish i owned some anastasia beverly hills make up:( looks stunning on you x

  8. Haven't tried any of their products yet but I definitely will now!

  9. Beautiful. I need to try the anastasia products so badly x


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