This time last year I was ready to give up. I was working my ass off but felt like I was getting nowhere..

Everyone else around me seemed to be making progress with their chosen careers and I was simply stuck. Working in a children's home full-time and trying to blog full-time was draining and hard and although I loved my job, I couldn't help but think creating content & being a 'blogger' (I use that term lightly lol) was all I wanted to do. I somewhat felt it as a calling? I knew deep down that I was supposed to help people and use my voice for the greater good, I just didn't know how to get there..

I didn't have much money, I had no sponsored work coming in & I had very little opportunities within the blogging community. I'd been on the scene since 2011 but I felt like (I still do) that I was an outsider, like other bloggers didn't want to be friends with me & it just kinda sucked. I felt lost, confused and isolated but a shift in mindset, shifted my entire life..

Generally, I'm a positive person, a dreamer if you wish so its easy for me to tell myself 'its going to be okay'. I was sick of feeling down, sick of working and getting nothing back and I'd just had enough of feeling like I wasn't good enough. Truth is, and this is for everyone, if you work hard, if you believe in yourself and if you're true to you, you can make anything happen. Baby girl you are more than good enough.

I told myself time and time again that if its meant to be it will happen. I brushed away negative thoughts and I forgot how tired I was and I pressed on. I worked hard every single day. I planned content, I made content. I attended events, I reached out to brands. I stayed up to date with my emails and I became increasingly active on social media. I put myself out there and became even more transparent with real life issues. I grew into the person I wish I had around me when I was growing up and I believed in myself. I believed in my goals and I believed that if I wanted to be something I could. 

I used to look at other bloggers and wish to be them. I not only wished to look like them (not anymore because I'm f***ing buff babes) but I wished to have their lives. Rumours went round about how much money some bloggers were making and there was me in my overdraft with credit card debt too. They were travelling the world (for free with brands) and I was contemplating what new pjs to buy from Primark. Why couldn't that be me? Why couldn't I wake up when I wanted too? Why couldn't I win awards? Why couldn't I be in magazines? Am I too urban? Am I too fat? Am I too black?

Enough was enough, wallowing in self pity was shit and I was even starting to annoy myself. I remembered how bad I wanted it, how hungry I was to succeed and I did not have time to compare myself to others when I could never be them and they could never be me. Nothing was going to stop me. Not my background, not how I looked.. NOTHING. I might not be the best, but I'm the best version of Grace.

 I was about to make the world see just what I saw in me.

A year later, oh how things have changed. Not only has my content improved, my social accounts have grown & I am completely and utterly happy with everything in my life. I've now won an award, I have management and a PR, I've had an entire article written about me on The Daily Mail and I've finally made my way into TV. I genuinely have to pinch myself some days because I cannot believe how much has changed. I think finding yourself personally also plays a huge part in the timing of finding yourself professionally. Success comes at the right time and its important to trust your journey - everything will happen when its supposed to!

I didn't want this post to come across as ME ME ME, but to come across as, you can fucking do it, just don't give up. I was seriously down about how my life was going but now I am honestly on top of the world. I found what inspired me and I clung onto it for dear life. Whatever it is you're trying to do, you can honestly do it. A little a lot of self belief, a gigantic box of hard work and drive & determination will get you to places you've once dreamed about. You become what you think & you attract your own thoughts. Have confidence girl and own it.

Focus on whats important to you and be so concerned with that, you cant even see negativity. Pour everything you can into bettering your future and its simple, you'll better it.



  1. I think I needed to hear this today Grace, thank you ❤️ I'm so happy for you and your success, you deserve everything. This is only the beginning xxx
    Sparkles and Stories

  2. Loving this post! Its funny, this has come at the right time and needed to hear this too, as I've been feeling exactly that! .

    Congrats on all your achievements so far! Looking forward to seeing more! xxx

  3. Right timing. I was just thinking how I hate my job and how much I don't want to go in today and bam I get an email saying I have an interview. And then I came across your blog post. It is a sign as you said to believe in your journey and stay positive and to keep on working hard because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for this. xxx

  4. I might have to pick this book up as I'm looking for something positive to read at the moment. I feel like I really needed to read this post Gracie so thank you. I started off in 2011 too and you have come a lot farer than me so well done! I find every day is a struggle and it's been like this all year for me if I'm being honest. However, I know if i put my mind to it then I can achieve great things. I often don't believe in myself which is the problem in itself.

    Great read :)

  5. These posts are my fave... When you write things like this you make me want to give myself a kick up the bum and get on with everything! You just word it so well! Thanks girl, you're an inspiration xo

  6. I really needed this. Thanks Grace :) x

  7. Love love love this post Gracie!! Needed to hear these words!!! X

  8. im honestly in such a low point in my live and i feel like crying sometimes but this made me feel so much better. and i plan to work my ass off so by this time next year. i wont feel this way. thank u <3

  9. Oh definitely right timing for this post! Love you girl! xx

  10. So lovely to hear you being so positive Grace! You're doing a fantastic job and it's clearly paying off!

    Charlotte / Styleaked

  11. I love this post! Juggling my work as a HR Manager and trying to develop my blog and find my niche isn't easy so this post really gave me an extra push. Thanks for some lovely positivity & the post was really well written.

    Congratulations on the success you've already had and still have in store for yourself. Truth is nobody can love you and your content until you love yourself and are 100% happy with your work!

  12. this really boosted my confidence up. I sometimes feel the same way. I havent being doing this for long, but I know I love it and I too want to grow, not because of the money or fame, because it is what I love to do!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  13. Been feeling so shit lately and I think this is going to be my boost from now on, reading this has made me smile so much, and I'm going to do everything that you said in this and tell myself that I can do it and to never give up. Thank you.


  14. I love this post hun, It came just at the right time for me - I have recently had to take some time off work because I'm not in a good place. Reading this post has just given me a little get up and go and encouragement to carry on and that good things can really happy to you. xxxx

    Anna-Maria |

  15. This is perfect, thanks Grace! I've been a mess of aniexty and self loathe for the last couple of years but I think this has given me the push I need to believe in myself, keep up the good work girl! :)


  16. This was a good read. When things you want take time but yu slowly get there, that's when yu appreciate it more. Keep it up :)

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