We all have those days, weeks, sometimes months where we lose motivation, inspiration and everything else in between. Im currently having a tough two weeks and desperately trying to turn things around..
Im struggling to do the basic tasks that my job role requires. Everything feels like a chore and if I'm honest, I simply don't want to do them. It may be because I'm really busy with other avenues, it may be because its suddenly getting colder and the afternoons are darker, but whatever it is, its pissing me off.

I can't put my finger on what I'm feeling entirely. I guess its a mixture of things. I feel inadequate, lethargic, insecure and overwhelmed, but to put it frankly, I've lost my mojo! & I want it back. Im usually on top of everything, I'm sleeping enough, eating good, flat is clean, emails are replied to, posts and videos are scheduled & my to do list is decreasing every day. However, the last few weeks I've felt like I'm sinking and I can't manage anything in my life. I mope around feeling slightly lost & anxious. Im even going through a stage where I'm questioning if I'm good enough & I'm doing that dreadful thing where I compare myself to others (we all know its a downward spiral from here).

Its Thursday morning & I've cancelled todays social plans because I just can't cope with them. I need to sort myself out and pull myself together so I've decided thats what I'm going to do today. No more laying in bed crying, no more looking at other peoples blogs and deciding mine is shit, no more picking myself apart because I don't feel good enough. 

Here are ways to pick yourself up when you've lost your mojo.

Give yourself a talking to
Stand infront of your mirror, look yourself dead in the eyes and say 'PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. YOU ARE A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO DOES NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS BULLSHIT'. Lol, try it. It really does work. Mainly because you cant quite believe how ridiculous you sound so you end up laughing.

Make a healthy, yummy breakfast
I know when you're feeling down your first thought is to ransack your kitchen and eat chocolate for breakfast but sometimes, doing that can make us feel worse. Make a delicious breakfast instead. I go for scrambled eggs on toast with vine tomatoes and some orange juice. Start the day as you mean to go and all that.

Get off social media
Social media is usually great but for days like this, its time for a digital detox. Stop scrolling through your feeds and start scrolling through your mind. Jot down ideas for work, write down how you feel. Watch your favourite movie. If you have to turn your phone off, then do it. We are a technology obsessed world and sometimes we need a break from that side of our life. Not everything on the internet is real so get off it and find what is.

Pick up a good book
This is probably one of my favourite things to do when I need to find myself again. I immerse myself into a book - usually an inspirational story or a self help one. With a face mask on I'm going to plonk myself on my sofa, with a fluffy blanket and read The Twentysomething Guide To Getting It Together: A Step By Step Plan For Surviving Your Quarter Life Crisis. Seems fairly appropriate doesn't it lol? I've also linked below other books that tickle my fancy.

Go for a walk to just breathe
Im not going to preach to you to exercise because when you're feeling like a lazy sad slob thats the last thing on your mind but what I am saying is, get out and just breathe. Put on your comfiest trackies and your coolest trainers & walk. Stick your headphones in, put Spotify on and take big deep breaths. Its gonna be okay 

Look back at your achievements
Take some time to pat yourself on the back and big yourself up. You've done some amazing things this year and thats all because you believed in yourself. Just because you're feeling lost right now, doesn't mean that you can't be found. Look at what you can do when you put your mind to something? You've got this.

Tell yourself its okay to feel this way
As humans we often strive for perfection. We want to be the best and constantly on our A-Game but thats the problem, as humans, technically thats not how we are supposed to operate. Just chill for a moment and understand the real reasons you are feeling like this & tell yourself that its okay. We can't be happy as larry all the time can we? Don't be too hard on yourself, you're doing better than you think.

Cry it out
Sometimes a big fat cry is all we need. I often hold in my emotions because I'm too busy to face them or I don't want to ruin my makeup (I'm serious) and then it all gets too much and I have a complete meltdown, and usually after a meltdown I feel fine. A cry is a release so don't be ashamed to let those tears flow. Invite your bestie round, make a giant mug of hot chocolate and cry your feelings out together.

Light your favourite candles & stick on your favourite playlist
Ain't nothing like chilling with some soulful sounds and the subtle whiff of a Jo Malone candle is there? Sometimes we just need a little background noise & some dim lighting to help relax our minds. Do it just before bed tonight and you'll sleep easier - I promise.

Talk to someone
Remember the days we used to get out and interact with people. A loved one, a friend, maybe even the local shop owner? GO AND TALK TO SOMEONE. You don't need to talk to Facebook or Twitter all the time, you need to talk to real people. Get in your car, or jump on the tube and visit someone. Take over a tin of biscuits and have a gossip like all of us love to do. Tell them how you feel and listen to how they feel. Laugh, cry and remember life is too short not to smile.

I hope this post has helped some of you who are feeling the same way as me..

Shop inspirational/self help books, comfy trainers & candles.



  1. Nothing beats hopping into your pjs, lighting your favourite candle (mine is currently a gingerbread scented one) and just unwinding for the evening. Quite possibly my favourite thing to do ever :) X


  2. going for a walk and breathing fresh air always helps me. Hope you get your mojo back. Just remember, you are awesome ;)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I really needed that. Keep empowering! x

    Natalia -

  4. Aww,thats very kind of you.Ive been feeling quite lethargic lately so this is a great relief for me.Thank you:)

  5. You're so inspiring, I needed this post!
    Sarah Walker xx

  6. Love, love, love this post! Great, inspirational tips ❤️

  7. This was very much needed! I've been in a funk lately and I feel awful. I'll try out some of your tips and hopefully I'll get my mojo back as well. Thank you for sharing !

    - Kathlyn |

  8. exactly the words I need to hear right now! like one minute you feel like you can conquer the world and then the next minute you feel the worlds on top of you! these are tips i will be trying out, i usually go for pj's, bed and movies until i fall asleep :) nice to know im not alone in this feeling - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  9. Perfect post. Couldn't agree more with these points!

  10. Yes, yes, yes. Everything about this post makes my heart sing. I've been losing motivation and feeling stuck or not enjoying things I usually enjoy, and it's the worst feeling! I've done some of the things you've recommended here in the past, but I'm definitely going to try everything else you've listed. This is really helpful, especially because I've just moved out on my own. I'm just really glad I've come across your blog, and I'll be reading it for the rest of my Sunday!

    Jasmine /

  11. Love this post. I've been feeling down for no reason, so this is helpful

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  12. You are always enough lady, keep going x

    Aema /

  13. Loved this casual outfit

  14. Absolutely adore every single look.

  15. Nice photos! Love it so much.

  16. Thank you for these tips.

    Whenever you can, i'd love you to check out my blog. It's

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