With stress levels at an all time high with deadlines, bills that need to be paid & the internet flagging, I mean the list goes on doesn't it. Every so often a mid week pamper is totally, UNDOUBTEDLY needed..

After a very very very long hot soak in the tub, theres nothing quite as satisfying as smothering yourself in a body lotion. This one is utterly cool (no pun intend) and I often reach for it when I need a bit more body lovin'. Its refreshing, cooling and soothing due to the ingredients such as cucumber and aloe vera. This lotion is also moisturising and hydrating - a perfect combo for the warmer months. If you are off to a hot country anytime soon, take this. Its even a lotion & aftersun in one!

It wouldn't be a mid week pamper without a bit of exfoliation would it? I do love a good scrub and at the moment the scrub I'm loving is the virgin mojito one by The Body Shop. My favourite part of using this is quite frankly the smell......... I can't even describe it, it just smells like a sugary summer scent that I wish I could bottle and keep with me forever. The small exfoliating beads help to gently scrub away my dead skin & it also leaves my skin feeling invigorated. 

Of course there has to be a bath bomb in there and of course, it has to be from Lush. This particular one claims to help with low moods and depression due to the ingredients. Its also supposed to help with anxiety and tension which I suffer from greatly. Ive used this before and its SO super relaxing and I've found it helps me to wind down for bed & allows me to fall asleep more easily. 

This is my go to mask when I don't have a lot of time to pamper which is usually during the week. You can wack it down, let it do its thing whilst you cook dinner or do whatever and then take it off.  Its quick, its easy and its fuss and mess free. It deeply moisturisers and nourishes the skin which is just what us women need. Perf!


  1. in desperate need for one of those lush bombs to help me relax. STRESS!!!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Love these choices! Nothing beats a bath bomb from Lush! Always been my top fave


  3. Seen a few bloggers/youtubers using the blackberry bath bomb recently... Neeeeeed to get my hands on one!

  4. Been meaning to get the body shop mojito range, so many people raving about how lush it smells!!

  5. Would definitely buy this bath bomb... But i only have a shower haha :) xx

  6. How AMAZING is the Mojito range from body shop. love love love it! xxx


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