I've been a lover of winged liner, or flicks as some people say for a long time, years in fact. My favourite liners are practically all of the LO'real ones, in particular the super liner. I guess I know my s**t when it comes to liquid liners, liner pens, all that jazz..

I recently had the worst day of my life when ALL of my liners ran out, at the same time. Who woulda thought it eh? In my panicked state, I rummaged through my 'makeup I am yet to try' drawers and found the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner that I picked up whilst I was in New York.

(me in Cosmo lol)

So my liners need to be easy to use, extremely black and they MUST give a precise application. I need a liner to just do the job with no faff. This one does this but you need to be fast. Its a fantastic liner, super dark but it dries so quickly, so you need to know your stuff. I go for this liner when I have time to concentrate & focus, if it goes wrong and I pause I can't really rectify so for days when I'm in a rush I ditch this one.

Super pigmented and dark
Easy to use for a precise flick

Dries very quickly so not good for beginners or for slow application
Pretty pricey

(taken on my iPhone 5s)

So if you're on the hunt for a new liquid liner I really would recommend the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. Its an investment but it does the job. Its super black and with the right application can really elongate your eyes. I LOVE!



  1. Love liquid liner myself. Need to check this one out. Nice post

  2. I love doing winged liner but with the gel eyeliner though. I am obsessed.

  3. I find liquid liner never stays in place so this sounds perfect!

  4. I hate eyeliner that takes ages to dry so this sounds promising!

  5. I have heard all good things about this liner, it's on my must try list.

  6. How do you apply your eyeliner so perfectly!! Video idea right there girl

    Charlotte / styleaked


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