I have a long list on my phone of restaurants I want to try. The list grows and grows weekly and I won't even lie.. dining out is one of my favourite past times. Meat Liquor was on that list & has now been ticked off, YAY! If I didn't have a weight problem and I had a super fast metabolism - I would have burger and chips everyday haha. You know what I mean. Nothing makes me happier than shopping, watching a movie and going out for dinner. 

I recently took a trip up to Brighton, which can I say was INCREDIBLE. It was my first time visiting and I have already planned another trip. I loved all the vintage stores, the old school fudge shops and of course the pier view. I was with Simon and our two friends Jordan & Pre who are also a couple. It was Pre's birthday so we decided to go to Meat Liquor as the reviews were amazing.

I ordered 4 of the 'Summer In Love' cocktails which were so so sugary and yummy. I was a little tipsy by the end of the evening but they were so good - I was chugging them down. My main course was the 'Chilli Dog, fries & Coleslaw! The food, including the starters which consisted of deep fried gherkins, buffalo wings & the biggest onion rings I have ever seen was all just incredible. I wasn't that much of a fan of the deep fried stuff because I hate oily food :( but my main meal was super super juicy and tasty.

I really recommend visiting Meat Liquor if you are ever in Brighton. I know there are other branches, but I can't speak for those as I have never visited.

The Brighton branch was so cool inside, with chic glass tables, mood lighting and old school music. If you like a bit of "No diggity" you will have an amazing time. The vibe was so chill!

PS. The blue cheese dip was so good I wanted to cry.


  1. I've always wanted to try out meat liquort, that is one hell of a scrumptious meal! Oh how u tease me girl ���� there's one in london however the qeues can be such a bitch in the place...



  2. Wow it all looks amazing....

  3. That food makes me want to have a cheat day. Or ten...
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