"Don't carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise above them"
- unknown

The happiness and success I feel is determined by the amount of sadness and dark times I have been through. Let me explain... The pain I have felt has been off the richter scale, through the roof, however you want to put it. My theory is, that if I can feel such a great amount of pain, I can feel an even greater amount of happiness. I truly believe that mistakes, lessons, pain & sadness are all things that help prepare you for something greater than that. I have made 100s of mistakes, I make them all the time, but whats crazy is that it doesn't bother me. I love learning and I especially love learning things about myself. Take this Sunday to write down your mistakes, your fears, your pain.. all that negative stuff & use it to guide you to a better place. Humans are capable of anything. If we can feel sadness, we can feel happiness too - always remember that. 



  1. Thank you.. you really made my morning with this ..!!
    p.s one of your newest followers

  2. Great words that made my morning :)

  3. So true, life is full of extremes! Glad you are in a better place <3 Love your posts they brighten up my days.

    X Emma |

  4. The song "Se va, se va, se fué" by Jorge Drexler says "Si todo empieza y todo tiene un final, hay que pensar que la tristeza también" (if everything starts and everything has an end, you must think that also sadness (has an end)). I really love that song :)

  5. Short and thoughtful, love it xx ♥

  6. Beautiful Picture!!!

  7. Why I love you! Beautiful Words. My heart is smiling!

  8. Beautiful words, I love you Gracie! You're a true inspiration to me and many others x

  9. This is absolutely inspiring!!


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