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Gypsy Necklace* | $89.00

Yesterday was one of the best day's of my life. I went to Langley Academy to introduce myself & to share my story. I will be doing a 5 week work shop with a bunch of girls on confidence, female empowerment and learning to love yourself. I went into the talk, nervous and worried that nobody would want to take part. How wrong I was. 36 girls have signed up to work with me?!?! WHAT THE FUDGE. I was completely overwhelmed. To make it even more amazing - the classes are after school and they STILL signed up. It has really put into perspective with me how much help young girls really need. I am so honoured that I am the one able to do that. This really is the beginning and the start of uglyfaceofbeauty taking over the world hahahahaha.

I wanted to go out and celebrate, but I didn't want alcohol (aiming to lose 3 pounds this week haha). So me, my friend & my little sister decided to go for some Caribbean food at Cottons, Camden. Although I am part West Indian, I don't tend to eat much of their traditional food because a lot of places use so much oil & oil is my fear food haha. Cottons does authentic Caribbean food but of pretty high quality. It was so nice just to relax in a chilled out environment, soul music playing & stuffing my face with some lovely food. If you haven't been, please go. You won't regret it. The jerk chicken & avocado spring rolls are DABOMB.COM

Grace x


  1. Looking gorgeous there missus. :) Loving the outfit and the look of your make-up here too. Do you mind writing a tutorial post or filming it as a youtube tutorial please? It will be very much appreciated. The workshop sounds great. If I I lived nearby, I'd totally sign up. It's great that you'll be promoting positive thinking regarding body confidence etc. You're really inspirational. xx

  2. Omg u look so different (In a good way) I almost didn't recognise you!
    What's cookin good lookin ;)
    You are truly inspirational as I've said probably in every comment I've sent on your posts lol good luck with your workshop I would have love to sign up! U must tell me your secret on how you've lost so much weight u look uuuurrrmaaaaazing! Btw I've sent you a direct email message (I hope you have received it) regarding asos sizing lol is really appreciate it if you would reply back.? I know you're a busy bee so I understand xx

  3. You look amazing! 36 girls!? That's great. Well done Grace, keep up the good work x

  4. I love your outfit, you look amazing! Well done, your such an inspirational person. I wish I could meet you in person too.

  5. You look amazing Gracie!!! Wow, and I wish I could come along to one of your classes haha!

    Amy, X.

  6. you look amazing Grace! love the outfit :) x

  7. So glad your helping people to be more confident, you look amazing I love your hair like that! x

  8. Wow girl you look amazing! There's like a glow on you, you seem really happy! :)

  9. This is by far my current favourite outfit of yours. That kimono is just ERRTHANG boo ;) X

  10. Looks lovely
    L x

  11. Wow! You look stunning! And you are such a great inspiration. You should be proud of yourself.

  12. By far my fav outfit of yours! Gorgeous xxx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  13. your face has completely slimmed down ! amazing

  14. So inlove with this outfit on u, u look amazing<3

  15. Love the kimono and the outfit is simply perfect!! Regards from Spain :)


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