Checked Shirt | Vintage, alternative | £28.00
Black Crop Top | £8.00
Acid Wash Jeans | Alternative | £35.00
Cherry Red Docs | £75.00
MK Tote Bag | £260.00

Whats your favourite item in this outfit? I love my hair pulled back. Its nice to have it off of my face..


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    1. Love everything about this outfit but my absolute favourite part would have to be the vintage shirt. You look absolutely stunning with your hair like that too <3

      Adventures of an Anglophile

  2. Love your hair like this, it really suits you x

  3. I love these jeans! Love this whole outfit actually, very farmer meets fashion :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  4. you look f-ing amazinggg ! love how this is casual but still so put together ! my fav is the crop top :)

  5. Hey Grace, I recently mentioned you in my blogpost on my favourite YouTubers! Would be lovely if you could have a look if you get a chance :) xx

  6. love the shirt and of course your smile. You wear it very well!

  7. Love the jeans and the tartan shirt !

  8. How do you find/measure your crop tops? I ask because it seems like you have big boobs like myself and it always looks flattering on you and never reveals too much or too little. I've searched high and low for suitable crop tops and the only place that sizes them different is the UK. Top shop sizing charts are so confusing!

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